POACHING: trespassing on another's
website without permission in
order to inject content, hijack users,
and steal traffic.


Most brands think their site looks like this

Yet 7% of the users see sites that look like this

And it’s on all devices!

None are beyond the reach of POACHING.

Loss of Brand Integrity

Rogue ads ‘vandalise’ the look and feel of your carefully crafted site.

Loss of traffic

Customers are pulled to other sites from rogue ads.

Loss of revenue

These customers are seduced to better deals elsewhere.

See CABARA's recent report on the effects of ePoaching on SEM performance


Always on: Bullet proof

Cabara provides 24/7 brand protection against malicious epoaching

Patented technology

The first to identify and protect
from epoaching

Scale is our game

Intended for big brands, this
robust technology was designed
and tested on large volumes of
clients, users and data

No impact on
website performance

Optimized for performance
& mobile energy saving

Zero integration
SaaS solution

Simply drop a line of code in your website and you’re up and running

Get the data you want
where you want to see it

Convenient tracking and monitoring dashboard with realtime data, either integrated into your analytics or in our UI